Sensitivity Reading

I will read your manuscript and check for things that may be inaccurate or offensive regarding the marginalizations' I identify with/belong to. 
Those include:

  • Queer
  • Gay
  • Biromantic

(my identification varies between these identities. I can read for them on their own since there are times where I identify as just one, or for multiple in the same character. A.k.a sexual/romantic fluidity) 

  • Gray-Asexual/Asexual
  • Severe Anxiety (Generalized)
  • PTSD (Specifically regarding sick family, severe bullying and emotional abuse, as well as a traumatic accident/injury)
  • Fat rep (If you're looking for a ballpark, my body type is similar to that described of Nina Zenik (Six Of Crows Duology) or Leah Burke (Becky Albertalli's Creekwood Series)) 
  • Severe allergy and/or asthma (I would recommend sensitivity readers for this if it plays any major role in the story.)


Prices are negotiable, I understand that many people seeking sensitivity readers are marginalized authors, but as a general guide, prices are as follows. Payment will be made via paypal invoices.

  • 0.004$ per word for one of the areas above
  • 0.005$ per word for more than one 

What You Get

  • Notes inlaid into the manuscript for specific lines and passages that I notice.
  • A full report at the end of the read of all my thoughts.
  • Answers to any questions you have for me, to the best of my ability and knowledge.
  • Any further check-ins for changes you make will be priced depending on how big the change is. Small changes will be free, anything larger we would decide on together. 


  • I will not read for any characters of colour even if it's just for their sexuality, etcetera. I believe those characters should be read for by someone matching exactly their identity or as many of their identities as possible. Queer POC face different struggles than White Queers and so on and I cannot accurately read for that kind of representation. 
  • I am not guaranteed to catch everything. Every marginalized person experiences things slightly differently and something that seems fine to me might hurt someone else. My job is to offer advice and point out flaws, not to make it perfect. You have a responsibility on your own, especially writing outside your lane to do research and be accountable for mistakes sensitivity readers don't catch. Even ownvoices work can be harmful to some members of the community. It's important to recognize that it is literally impossible to write an unproblematic book, since there are so many varying experiences among all of these identities. 
  • I reserve the right to deny any offer, if I do not feel my services are a good fit for the author and/or story.

Get In Contact With Me

The best way to get in contact with me initially is via my email: but I'm available on my social media's as well that you can find linked elsewhere on this website or via the handle @TheHufflePuffle. 

I might not answer right away but I guarantee a response within a week.